CRISAM Content Library Designer

The CRISAM® Content Library Designer serves to create specific content libraries for the evaluation with the CRISAM® Explorer. These content libraries, which are easily customisable, can be fully integrated into existing projects.

Key features and benefits

  • Setting up individual CRISAM® Content Libraries for company-specific extensions or to supplement specific specialist topics.
  • Import your existing checklists.
  • Consistent versioning of changes.
  • Manage standards and regulations including chapter structure.
  • Mapping of standards and regulations related to control objectives in your content libraries.
  • Setting up multilingual content libraries with translation functions.

Extend your CRISAM® management  system

Through specific content libraries, the CRISAM® Content Library Designer extends the possibilities of your risk management. Thus, in the CRISAM® model specific topics, which are important in your corporate environment, can be mapped and evaluated.

Your role as content library author

As content library author you define new modules and their control objectives. These control objectives are then assigned to different criteria; each criterion represents a further aggregation and evaluation stage for the rating engine. Alternatively, standards and regulations can be defined as sources and evaluated by means of compliance analysis, which is part of the CRISAM® Explorer.

Figure 2: Relation between sources, criteria and model

System requirements

Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime 32 bit or
Microsoft Access 2010 32 bit or more