CRISAM Enterprise Server

The CRISAM® Enterprise Server allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously - for data storage a Microsoft SQL Server is used. In addition, a flexible role and authorisation concept is integrated. The server provides advanced features such as interfaces to third party systems.

Key features and benefits

  • Allows multi-user and multi-client capability for your CRISAM® projects.
  • Provides a flexible role and authorisation concept.
  • Integrating Microsoft Active Directory users and groups; assignment of LDAP groups.
  • Available in German and English.

Figure 1: Application architecture

Team functions

With the Server component, CRISAM® Enterprise Server, the CRISAM® Explorer becomes a team player supporting multi-user capability, multi-tenancy capability and a differentiated authorisation system. Team members evaluate and edit risks simultaneously and audits are carried out independently of each other.

Built-in security

With the optionally encrypted data transmission, the optionally encrypted database, the Microsoft Active Directory integration and the scalable authorisation concept the CRISAM® Enterprise Server fits in perfectly with your existing security policies.

Flexible role and authorisation concept

The role concept allows a three-level role assignment of Active Directory users or groups at the CRISAM® Enterprise Server. The three-level role assignment allows global roles for all data in a server as well as project-related roles and specific roles for part of a CRISAM® project. Thus, different requirements for several companies, group structures and service provider environments can bet met.

The authorisation administration is fully integrated into the client, so no additional tools are required here. Alternatively, when using application groups the user administration can also be carried out exclusively in the Active Directory.

Figure 2: Authorisation management

Included default roles:

  • Risk manager
  • Risk owner
  • Process manager
  • Assessment user
  • Reader

Each role can be used globally, for a single project or for one or more areas of a project. The default roles can be extended or adapted as required.

Open interfaces

For data exchange with existing management systems or configuration management databases (CMDB) a universal interface is provided as a web service. For users of the business process management solution "" a ready-made implementation of this interface is available.

System requirements

Database server:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher

Web server:

Microsoft Windows 2008 Server or higher
Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.0 with ASP.NET 2.0
Microsoft NET Framework 3.5


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