CRISAM IT Legal Essentials Knowledge Pack

The CRISAM® IT Legal Essentials Knowledge Pack provides a collection of all legal issues that are relevant to the maintenance and operation of an IT infrastructure. Additional components contain legal control objectives in connection with IT relevant legal texts. The results are clearly and concisely presented in an IT legal compliance report.

Key features and benefits

  • State-of-the-art IT service provision in connection with required due diligence measures is a common thread running through the entire business law. 
  • Legal compliance measures concern the company, legal entities, governing bodies such as chief executives and directors as well as the supervisory board and employees. As a result, legal issues have to be dealt with in IT.
  • The knowledge pack is only available in German.

IT legal compliance

IT legal compliance focuses on the company’s alignment with laws and regulations.

With a multitude of standards laypersons face a dilemma: they are at a loss when they do not know about a regulation or in case they are not sure whether or not the rule is applicable to their IT system. The CRISAM® IT Legal Essentials Knowledge Pack provides an overview of the most important laws related to IT. For each area of law, shown in figure 1, a component is provided by CRISAM® IT Legal Essentials Knowledge Pack. These components contain verifiable laws in the form of control objectives which are explained in a detailed and comprehensible manner. Thus, it can be checked whether the laws are applicable to your IT operations or to specific IT services. The evaluation of the compliance with these applicable standards is carried out by means of maturity levels. 


Figure 1: Evaluation of compliance


The compliance reports show the results of your analyses in a clear and concise manner and the extent up to which your company meets the legal requirements becomes transparent. Thus, you can easily spot in which legal areas measures have to be taken in order to reduce your company’s liability.

System requirements

CRISAM® Explorer.