Via CRISAM® Dashboard, the CRISAM® KPI module provides you with more than 50 key figures, which are exportable as charts and can be included in a report for presenting, monitoring and controlling your information security management system (ISMS).

Key features and benefits

  • The KPI dashboard can be individually configured with up to 59 KPIs.
  • KPIs can also be generated in a context-aware manner for parts of the risk tree in order to analyse separate departments, processes and IT services more accurately.
  • The report "KPI analysis" shows these key figures for controlling and monitoring your information security management system (ISMS) and combines these to a printable form.
  • Export as HTML, PDF, Excel and RTF.
  • Available in German and English.

Metrics-based management

With the CRISAM® KPI module your CRISAM®-based information security management system (ISMS) is provided with an additional feature: significant KPIs can be viewed on the dashboard and exported to the report "KPI analysis". Ongoing changes and improvements of your ISMS, for instance, can be shown optimally along the timeline by means of quarterly exports.

Figure 1: Deviation CRISAM® control objectives complete (K040)

Figure 2: Monetary risk (K137)

The high-quality representation of the key figures paves the way for a successful presentation of the ISMS project’s progress: Pie charts can be freely rotated on the dashboard, for bar charts threshold values can be displayed and all charts can be exported as image files at the click of a mouse and used as needed. The properties menu of each chart, which provides information on the calculation and the purpose of each key figure, can be opened by right-clicking.zahl.


The KPI report contains CRISAM® specific key figures as well as KPIs for selected standards and regulations such as COBIT, ITIL (V2 and V3) and ISO 27001.

System requirements

CRISAM® Explorer
CRISAM® ISMS Knowledge Pack