CRISAM Partner Program

You would like to raise your profile in the consulting business for risk management and define your USP through innovation and professionalism. However, the rapid change of methods and the continuous development of new software in the market are difficult to get a grip on. The required complex and interdisciplinary knowledge of business management, legal issues, organisations and IT as well as the users’ growing demands make development time-consuming and expensive.

Why not increase the range of services for your customers without burdening yourself with development costs? With our partner programme we offer an innovative and pragmatic method as well as software for the areas corporate-wide risk management, IT risk management, IT audit and IT governance with broad functionality.

In addition to the software, we offer everything from consulting & training in the technical product environment up to support. We guarantee confidentiality concerning all information we receive due to our partnership as well as the inviolability of your customer relations.

For more than a decade we have been developing products and services, which are essentially industry-neutral, in the field of risk management. The numerous companies which request our products and services are among the leaders in their industry.