CRISAM PCI DSS Knowledge Pack

The CRISAM® PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Knowledge Pack contains componentns and control objectives for supporting the certification of your e-commerce applications involving credit card companies.

Key features and benefits

  • Takes account of the latest version of PCI DSS.
  • Enables alignment of your IT with PCI DSS.
  • Additionally, a compliance report which is based on the PCI DSS structure is included.
  • Enables a risk management system which integrates PCI DSS.
  • Best possible support for preparing, gaining and regaining certification to this standard.
  • Available in German and English.

Figure 1 - Control objective out of PCI DSS Pack

Figure 2 - Shows the degree of compliance with PCI DSS relevant controls in the PCI DSS structure

Security for credit card data

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulates safe processing, storage and transfer of data as well as the settling of accounts in connection with transactions. Companies, which accept payments via credit card but do not comply with the legal requirements set by PCI DSS, are liable to penalty charges, limitations due to changes in the terms and conditions and increased transaction fees. Ultimately, not complying with the legal requirements set by PCI DSS can result in losing the authorisation to use credit cards for the company’s e-commerce applications.


The following relevant reports are already integrated into CRISAM® Explorer: business impact analysis, risk analysis, GAP analysis, catalog of measures and implementation. CRISAM® Explorer provides the presentation detailed results and the proof of conformity with PCI DSS through its compliance report by means of which an overview of the relevant controls and their corresponding degree of fulfillment is given.

System requriements

CRISAM® Explorer
CRISAM® ISMS Knowledge Pack