CRISAM Workflow Server Module

With the CRISAM® Workflow Server Module your CRISAM® Enterprise Server becomes a communication platform. The workflow server module provides the best possible basis for workflows in different fields of work such as policy management, audit management, task management and internal control. 

Key features and benefits

  • Implements workflows from different fields of work such as policy management, audit management, task management and internal control.
  • Sends messages and reminders via e-mail.
  • Sends tasks via Microsoft Outlook or as e-mail with link to the task.
  • Handles authorisation workflows with Microsoft Outlook authorisation buttons or as e-mail with link to the task.
  • Available in German and English.

Policy management

Files, policies, regulations, instructions, etc., are filed in the corporate document management system or in CRISAM® connected sharepoints or fileshares. The distribution, the authorisation process and version management are handled by CRISAM®.

Audit management

The audit management automates all tasks in connection with the planning and implementation of external and internal audits. The automated distribution and tracking as well as the automated reminder system increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of the audit management process. The audit management process, which is integrated into CRISAM®, enables the determination and assignment of one or several audit plans, which can comprise several respective audits. For every audit, planned start and finish times are set. The defined audit workflow controls the audit and its time limits.

Task management and internal control 

One of the most important basic functions of an efficient GRC process is to integrate all involved stakeholders in the best way possible. This is associated with the assignment, management and tracking of tasks. CRISAM® goes beyond the distribution of policies and conducting of audits. With its task management CRISAM® provides a general platform for performing tasks such as risk evaluation, identification of measures, measure control, measure tracking and cyclical reviews in connection with an internal control system.

System requirements


CRISAM® Enterprise Server


CRISAM® Explorer
CRISAM® Web Access