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The CRISAM® Foundation training provides the foundation and basic knowledge for risk management in your company. In addition to general strategies for risk management, the CRISAM® process model  and the central functions in CRISAM® Explorer are explained.  

CRISAM Foundation

Basic knowledge
CRISAM® Beginner

Introduction and benefits of risk management
Introduction to the CRISAM® method
Introduction to the CRISAM® Explorer



Jaques-Yves Cousteau

To Grow ///


Would you like to lay the foundation and plant and grow the knowledge around the risk management software CRISAM® with this training package?

In order to be able to manage your opportunities and risks accordingly in the future, we will give you the necessary tools in this training. Based on a general introduction to the topic of risk management, the implementation of a risk management process by applying the CRISAM® method as well as the correct handling of the daily business will be taught. For these tasks, the CRISAM® Explorer serves as a technical tool, providing numerous functions and reports to present the basis for strategic decisions in a well-founded and comprehensible way. Make its advantages your own and learn to use the CRISAM® Explorer correctly.



Information Risk Management

  • Introduction and benefits of risk management
  • Application of the CRISAM® method:
    • Risk Policy
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • GAP Analysis
    • Action planning
    • Implementation
  • Working with CRISAM® Explorer
    • General Software handling
    • The stage model in CRISAM®
  • Modeling planning
  • Modeling rules
  • Structural analysis – building the risk tree
  • Selected reports in CRISAM®
  • Introduction data protection in CRISAM®


Enterprise Risk Management

  • Introduction to risk management methods
  • CRISAM® Explorer introduction -tool handling – look and feel
  • Modeling guidelines
  • Introduction example
  • CRISAM® Web Access
  • Statistics for Risk Managers
  • Introduction example Follow-Up
  • Authorization Concept
  • Simulation & Reporting



Customers, partners, interested parties, students



Completion after examination:

“CRISAM® Foundation Information Risk Management” or “CRISAM® Foundation Enterprise Risk Management” certificate.


2 days

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