Internal control system (ICS)

"Trust is good, control systems are better."

You are no doubt familiar with the situation: a sophisticated system of rules and regulations is conceived – yet the implementation turns out to be more difficult than expected. There are always cases were violations of rules and regulations occur or unwanted things turn up.

Companies with an effective control system are characterised by
• A higher process quality and therefore better products and services
• A significantly reduced number of errors, violations of rules or cases of data corruption.
• A corporate culture aiming at consistent improvement.

The CRISAM® ICS enables you to set up an effective internal control system. Control tasks can be planned and created. CRISAM® distributes the tasks and confirms the employees’ execution of control tasks. The controls are linked with control objectives from the CRISAM® Knowledge Packs. There are Knowledge Packs for established control models such as COSO, COBIT, ISO 20000, ISO 27002, ISO 80001 etc.