CRISAM® 5 is an integrated risk management information system (RMIS) of the next generation. It is capable of identifying, evaluating and controlling all risk management areas ranging from managing IT-related risks, the management of general operational risks, the management of strategic corporate risks to project risks.

Getting onto the road to success and staying the course means, among other things, to recognise deviations from the course, due to ups and downs in the market and unforeseeable events, at an early stage and to take the right measures. According to the principle “Prevention is better than cure.” potential threats and opportunities are identified in a continuous process and measures are readjusted.

For staying on top of things and on track deviations from the planned goal have to be measured: Facts and figures are needed. Moreover, the deviations must be assessed in terms of their potential impact on the corporate business model.

In order to detect deviations from a planned goal promptly, CRISAM® offers the right methods and procedures for different business areas:

  1. Corporate risks with qualitative values are identified by taking into account cause and effect relationships and evaluated in monetary terms with regard to the business success. For this purpose, the mutual dependencies between different objects are aggregated and factored in by means of fault tree analysis (FTA).
  2. Based on a business logic such as a profit and loss account, opportunities and risks with quantitative monetary values are condensed to business results, which are then presented in a report or on the dashboard as a range of possible deviations from the planned goal.
  3. Long-term projects involve a large number of uncertainties, which become visible not until the project is launched. Projects are therefore assessed in the consecutive phases of the project’s life cycle; in each phase the values are aggregated and compared with the planned goals.
  4. Semi-quantitative methods support the evaluation and qualification of specific issues, which are described in the form of a content library. Therefore, risks such as supplier risks and company or industry-specific opportunities and risks can be identified.

In order to engage the stakeholders in your enterprise-wide GRC process, CRISAM® provides the best possible support by means of CRISAM® Workflow Extension.

With CRISAM® you stay the course: Sure thing and safe bet!

CRISAM® helps you to –

  1. deal with risks in a straightforward and simple way.
  2. find precise values for the risks and to avoid wrong snap decisions.
  3. get the big picture and to present value-based opportunities and risks holistically.
  4. make evaluations and the resulting consequences comprehensible.